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About Axis Towers

A complex poised to become the face of modern, revitalized Tbilisi will soon be featured near Galaktion Tabidze’s statue on Chavchavadze Avenue, Vake.  With their exceptional architecture, unique functions, scope, and purpose, AXIS Towers symbolize Georgian success.

AXIS Towers make up a purely Georgian project implemented by Georgian specialists in cooperation with global partners.



The building’s architectural concept features three main components:

  • Two identical skyscrapers, twin towers
  • The towers rotate in opposite directions, creating an illusion of a moving building
  • The towers are similar and yet different at the same time. One is glazed with dark glass and the other features natural white stone cladding.  Besides the colors, the light and heavy materials of the buildings seem to engage in smooth interaction.  In addition, the glass tower reflects its stone twin.

AXIS Towers consist of 41 floors, of which four are underground and 37 above ground.  The total height is 147 meters.  Each floor in the towers rotates two degrees around the axis.



Similarly unique is the AXIS Towers structure which, seen from a bird’s eye view, resembles a clock.  Its main components are the axis and twelve massive pylons positioned like a clock face.

Among the towers’ complex engineering ideas, the system of piles, driven 30 meters into the ground at most, deserves special mention.  The collective length of the horizontal and vertical piles stretches over 18 kilometers.  The engineering design meets all international standards, and a number of global companies have been involved in its expert assessment, such as Europroject and Hinman.  A scale model of the towers passed aerodynamics and other types of load testing at Institute for Applied Science under the Prague Academy.


Multiple Functions

AXIS Towers puts together five branches of property development: residential property, hotel, office spaces, commercial, and entertainment functions.

What makes the job of a developer difficult is that said functions must be spread in a building to complement and harmonize with one another.  This task has been successfully accomplished through the infrastructure and properly selected functions of the towers. Their residents, personnel, and visitors can enjoy top quality services, shop, leisure time, and so on without leaving the building, which may be viewed as a city within the city of Tbilisi.



Notably, AXIS Towers allocate a portion of their space to common areas.  It is common knowledge that Tbilisi lacks pedestrian streets that are currently found only in Old Tbilisi.

This street, which will connect Chavchavadze Avenue and Abuladze Street, aims to house a recreation area with a number of cafes and restaurants, where residents of this and other neighborhoods of Tbilisi, as well as tourists, will gather.

One of the priority objectives of the AXIS Towers project is to provide the city with the greatest possible benefits.  Besides the pedestrian street, a traffic circle will be arranged around the statue of Galaktion Tabidze, which will promote traffic reduction.

The four underground floors will accommodate parking lots equaling in size four soccer fields.

Basic utility services are provided by central stations—this means that, besides preventing utility infrastructure from overloading the existing networks, the significant amounts spent will be used to develop existing networks and substations.

In all, AXIS Towers will use 22 elevators that promote independent traffic movement, which is so important in multifunctional buildings.

About Axis Towers